About Us

Who's Happy?

The Happy Gallery Collective outside our first show 'Making Waves'
Left to right: Ben Hewitt, Mairi Hughes, Anna Mullin, Maia Walczak, Jack Crossing, Giles Dunn and James Cook.

The Happy Gallery is an art and design collective that runs theme based pop-up galleries to raise awareness and funds for charities and good causes. In doing so it promotes it's artists and designers.

We create artwork based on a theme that relates to a charity,  hold pop-up galleries and have an online store. Last summer's succesful show was titled 'Making Waves' with a theme of 'Ocean & Polution' and the benefiting charity was Surfers Against Sewage. 50% percent of the sales from the pop-up gallery and our online shop went directly to them.

The several artists in the collective (and constantly growing in number) have a multitude design backgrounds and skill sets. From 3D designers, fine artists, graphic designers, illustrators and sculptures. This diversity is visible in the varied body of work we create. To view our artists please click Artists from the menu.

How we became Happy

On a much needed get-away of surfing and relaxation, the answer that came to me was a simple one. The question I'd been asking myself for a while was; How could I contribute, 24/7, to causes and charities in any way possible.

We all do a charity turn, I do the odd charity cycle, like the London Bikeathon (Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research - London Bikeathon) and hopefully I can join the Fireflies one day too, but we can't ask for sponsorship all the time, our friends and family would be skint!

I'm a designer who's been working for advertising and production agencies in London for nearly 15 years. Basically I make stuff to promote other stuff.

So it couldn't have been any easier. I decided to make stuff, based on a theme, related to a charity and sell it. I thought  I'd even ask others to make stuff too and we'd sell it together - Collaborative design with like minded passionate people,  wanting to make a difference in society, well I couldn't think of anything that would make me more happy. 

I talked the plan through with friends. The feedback and support was fantastic. It became much clearer that this little plan was a winner: Make stuff. Sell stuff. Raise awareness and give money to charities. Throw into the mix the many wonderful friends I've gained over the years. Friends who're mostly all creatives; digital designers, web designers, illustrators, directors and others too, with real jobs like financial advisors and risk analysers - the perfect group to make this idea float. We became Happy.

James Cook - Happy Founder & Director

Happy Manifesto

1. We believe we can all make a difference.

2. We believe every action we take will cause another event.

3. We believe in being upfront and visible with the actions we take.

4. We believe in constant open communication and deep collaboration.

5. We don’t settle for anything other than excellence in any part of the brand.

A Mairi Hughes addition to the Happy branding.

Ethical & Sustainable

Thinking deeply about the resources used in producing our shows, artwork and materials, we make every effort to use materials from ethical and sustainable sources. From the ink and paper used in the prints, to the frames, canvases and even our business cards. We use printers that use water-based inks, recycled ink cartridges, paper and wood frames from sustainable forests.

Happy Stationery

What we stand for

We stand for three points of commitment:

1. Product: Great art people will be proud to own.

2. Environment: Responsibly sourced materials.

3. People: Relationships with people we believe in.