Who's Happy

About The Happy Gallery

The Happy Gallery is a charitable initiative founded by James Cook of Made With Us Creative Collective that hosts theme based pop-up galleries for good causes. Runs an online shop promoting and selling the work of artists and designers. We  hope to raise awareness for charities, selling original artwork and prints. Everyone involved volunteers their time for free.

Our first show with left to right: Ben Hewitt, Mairi Hughes, Anna Mullin, Maia Walczak, Jack Crossing, Giles Dunn and James Cook.

Our first show with left to right: Ben Hewitt, Mairi Hughes, Anna Mullin, Maia Walczak, Jack Crossing, Giles Dunn and James Cook.

Founded by James Cook in 2013, it was born out of a desire to provide followers of charities with a quality product they’d be happy to own and knowing the proceeds of the purchase went to a good cause.

The several artists in the collective, constantly growing in number, through invitation, have a multitude of design backgrounds and skill sets including 3D design, fine art, graphic design, illustration, film and sculpture. This diversity is visible in the varied body of work created. If you'd like to be considered as a Happy artist for an upcoming show, please get in touch.

Happy isn't just a selection of creatives, we're supported by a larger network of volunteers, helpers and sponsors who give their valuable time, advice and backing as well as helping with the shows. If you'd like to be part of the action - get involved


James Cook
Founder & Creative Director
James is a  Motion Designer and Artist working for post-production, design, film and advertising agencies in London.


Monica Bertei
Marketing Director Monica is a British Actress of stage and screen as well as a successful VO Artist. 

Our Shows

For every Happy campaign we hold a pop-up gallery to promote the project, artists work and the charity. It's a great way to introduce the artists and charitees to the public, enjoy a great night out, browse and buy some fantastic artwork.

We were very fortunate to have worked with The Coningsby Gallery for 'Making Waves'. The owner Andrew Coningsby and Cezanne were wonderful and helped set up the show and even worked on the night. A few glasses of wine donated by sponsors helped sweeten the deal I'm sure!

Opening Night of 'Making Waves' for SAS at The Coningsby Gallery

Opening Night of 'Making Waves' for SAS at The Coningsby Gallery

Our Shop


Split up into different sections reflecting our themed campaigns and pop-up exhibitions - you can find limited edition prints and original artwork. Proceeds go to charity. 
Please click through to check out the work from the 'Making Waves' pop-up and campaign for Surfers Against Sewage which saw the proceeds split 50/50 between the artist and charity.
Our next show will be 'Home is where the Art is' for Shelter in association with Mother. Artwork from this show and campaign will be available to buy and order on the opening night. 

A Mairi Hughes addition to the Happy branding.

How we became Happy

On a much needed get-away of surfing and relaxation, the answer that eventually came to me was a simple one. The question I'd been asking myself for some time was - How can I contribute to charity and good causes 24/7? 

We all do a charity turn, I do the odd charity cycle, like the London Bikeathon (Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research - London Bikeathon) but it's hard to ask friends and family every time to donate. I needed to do something long term, something bigger.

I'm a designer working for advertising and production agencies in London. So basically I make stuff to promote other stuff.

The simple answer had been staring me in the face all along - I'd make stuff related to a charity and sell it! By asking other creative friends to do the same I could also raise awareness for their work. Creatives are notoriously bad when it comes to self promotion. The feedback and support for the idea was fantastic. To be given a brief for personal project helping a good cause went down a storm. It became much clearer that this little plan was a winner. So throw into the mix the many wonderful friends I've gained over the years. Friends who are mostly all creatives; digital designers, web designers, illustrators, directors and others too, with real jobs like financial advisors and risk analysers - the perfect group to make this idea float. We became Happy in 2013.

Collaborative design with like minded passionate people, wanting to make a difference in society, well I couldn't think of anything that would make me more happy. 

James Cook - Happy Founder & Creative Director

Ethical & Sustainable

Thinking deeply about the resources used in producing our shows, artwork and materials, we make every effort to use materials from ethical and sustainable sources. From the ink and paper used in the prints, to the frames, canvases and even our business cards. We use printers that use water-based inks, recycled ink cartridges, paper and wood frames from sustainable forests.


Proofing the prints on recycled paper from Onward Display Printers

Proofing the prints on recycled paper from Onward Display Printers

What we stand for

We stand for three points of commitment:

1. Product: Great art people will be proud to own.

2. Environment: Responsibly sourced materials.

3. People: Relationships with people we believe in.

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