Beach Clean

Beach Cleaning

Getting Involved on a Beach Clean with SAS and Barefoot Wine

Getting involved can mean helping out on one of the many beach cleans with Surfers Against Sewage. Beach cleans not only help the environment but they drive a clear message home to those involved just how bad the pollution and waste is in our surf, on our shores and our beaches. Why don't you join us on one.

Some of the Happy gang, getting involved, down at Gabriel's Wharf with Barefoot Wine, Ben Fogle and Surfers Against Sewage. We collected 200kgs of rubbish in one hour on just that little strip of sand!!

It’s hard to have fun in the sun when so many beaches are closed or posted as unhealthy. So in 2008, Barefoot Wine created the Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project with Surfers Against Sewage. Their goal? To keep the world’s beaches “barefoot friendly.” 

In the past five years, Barefoot Wine with Surfers Against Sewage have held more than 75 cleanups. Helped remove more than four tons of rubbish and hosted more than 2,000 volunteers. All while having a blast with some great people like you. It’s always important to celebrate a job well done and they make sure to toast after a big cleanup. So join in. Roll up your jeans and take a stand in the sand. - See more at: