Mermaid's Tears

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Mermaid's Tears
by Maia Walczak

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A series of illustrations inspired by our plastic culture & The Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Mermaid’s tears: The term used for the plastic/polystyrene pellets, which are the raw material used to make plastic products & which litter many beaches & the ocean.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch: A gigantic gyre of marine debris, primarily plastics, in the central North Pacific Ocean. Plastic waste: Does not break down. Is permanent. Cannot be gotten rid of. Is a deadly threat to marine wildlife, who can easily mistake it for food. Plastics absorb harmful chemicals. These in turn enter our food chain & directly affect our health. Toxins build up the further you go up the food chain.

Medium: Painting
Provenance: Hand signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of: 100
Size: A2
Paper: 240gsm recycled paper

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